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File of Holes
Contribution to Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx), Copenhagen, May 17, 2024 — September 27, 2024.
The File of Holes speaks of holes both physical and metaphorical, both hidden and plain — those voids representing matter and bodies out of place that make architecture as we know it possible:

holes in the ground once marked “resource-rich” (quarry, mine),
holes that perforate marble and limestone for systematic removal (drill, core);
holes that are filled back up with industrial contaminants or municipal solid waste (landfill, dump),
holes that show up as piles elsewhere (deep excavation, tailing);
holes that render high-quality lumber unusable and therefore, waste (knot, crack, chip, defect);
holes in the accounting spreadsheets and toxicity reports of corporations;
holes in the wages and physical bodies of workers in construction, demolition, and waste management, invisible figures who are continually exhausted and rendered expendable under capitalism…

Invited research contribution in the form of a folder of images, works, articles, and questions surrounding resource consumption and waste management within the construction industry.

CAFx: Commission on Circularity
An exhibition project gathering world-leading researchers, artists, curators, and designers to construct an archive exploring ways of making the material economies of architecture visible, and inviting a series of prominent Danish architects to propose new circular legislation.

All photos by CAFx.

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