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Works in Progress: Artists and Art Historians Present (WiP)
Co-organizer, 2018-19
Prentis Hall, Columbia University School of the Arts, and other offsite locations
Public event series where local artists and art scholars present works in progress. Co-organized by graduate students of the Columbia MODA, MFA, and CCCP programs.

Renegotiating Precarity
Symposium organising team
November 17, 2018, Swiss Institute, New York
CCCP Day Symposium, Columbia GSAPP.
Invited speakers: George Caffentzis, Peggy Deamer, Laura Diamond and Lindsey Wikstrom (WYBA), Silvia Federici, Andrew Ross, and Douglas Spencer.

Venice Biennale for Assemble Papers
Writer & Correspondent, May 2018
Architectural journalist and correspondent for Australian publication Assemble Papers at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale Press Preview. See Published Pieces for written pieces produced from this engagement, namely “Venice 2018: De-obfuscating Architecture's Mandate,” and “What does it mean to unbuild a wall?”

The Morning After (The Blind Dates)
Organising team, May 2018
Emily Harvey Foundation, Venice
Associated “Morning After” event held at the Emily Harvey Foundation in Venice, where recordings, photos, and transcripts of “Blind Dates” interviews from the Venice Encounters project were displayed.

Venice Encounters
Organising team, May 2018
2018 Venice Biennale: Freespace
Research Project analyzing the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale through a series of happenings based on the "blind date" format. Includes recorded conversations organized with Columbia GSAPP Alumni at the 2018 Venice Biennale Press Preview.

Co-curator, 2016-2017
Speaker series & public forum on architecture & design related fields. Established in 2004 by local emerging architects such as Simon Knott of BKK, this informal talk series is held at LOOP on the first Monday of every month. Curators explore broad or potent topics in the public domain, organize relevant speakers, foster criticality and further develop debate and discourse among emerging architects, graduates and students.

AMPS (Architecture, Media, Politics, Society)
Conference peer reviewer, 2016 Reviewed papers for Government and Housing in a Time of Crisis: Policy, Planning, Design and Delivery, conference, September 8-9, 2016, Liverpool John Moores University.

EmAGN (Emerging Architects & Graduates Network for the AIA Victorian Chapter)
Organising Committee, 2015-16

Advocacy for emerging architects & graduates

Inflection Journal
Editorial Committee, Vol. 1, 2014
Blind peer review of papers & final layout co-editing

Santiago de Chile Exhibition GAP Exhibitions Committee, University of Melbourne, 2011
Exhibition programming, contributor correspondence, logistics, event organisation & exhibition installation

AND Student Lecture Series
Organising Commitee,
University of Melbourne, 2011
Speaker programming, logistics & event organisation


A Tour Through the Monuments of Manhattan Real Estate: Vols. I & II
Columbia GSAPP, 2018
Research project narrating Manhattan real estate salescraft, in two-and-a-half printed volumes.

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Manual Photoshop Manual
Columbia GSAPP, 2018 Research project on Photoshop media, labor, and politics, in a “user’s manual” dossier of short essays.

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Toward An Experimental Translation of Dürer’s Painter’s Manual
Columbia GSAPP, 2017Research project cross-translating the form and content of Dürer’s The Painter’s Manual (1525) and McNeel’s Rhinoceros 5 User Guide (2016).

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What “About Us”? The Language Issue, or The Issue with Language
Columbia GSAPP, 2017
Research project on the AIA ARCH50 ranking, and marketing language used by corporate architectural firms, in a faux industry magazine.

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The Tower Project
George Paton Gallery, Melbourne
Exhibited at ‘Topologies of Sexual Difference,’ 2014 Luce Irigaray Circle interdisciplinary conference by RMITSet of 6 postcards and an illustrated narrative on Irigaray feminist theory.