Grappling with Housing Capital
Critical Planning Journal, UCLA, Vol. 24 “Spaces of Struggle” Issue (forthcoming)
Academic response paper

Notes on the Architectural Cartoon
MONU #29: Narrative Urbanism, October 2018
Essay and Illusrations

Amsterdam Social Housing: A Primer
Assemble Papers #10, October 2018
Long-form article

Protocols of Maintenance
Volume Magazine #53, August 2018
Short-form article

Household Financialisation Cartoons Arena Magazine
Issue 154, Jun-Jul 2018
Lead graphic

These cartoons and an additional drawing have also been used by Sydney University Press in Aug 2018 to illustrate professor emeritus Dick Bryan’s talk transcript on new book with RMIT professor Mike Rafferty, Risking Together: How Finance is Dominating Everyday Life in Australia (2018).

Postcard Sketches of Manhattan
Bricoleur Mag Issue 2, “Journey”
May/Jun 2018 (forthcoming)

To Register or not to Register Architectural Review Asia Pacific,
Issue 154, Mar-Apr 2018
Opinion article

Waiting-room Furniture
GSAPP Freepost, Spring 2018
Cartoon on architectural humor

Illusions of Freedom: A Critique of Ephemeral Workplace Cultures Inflection Journal, Vol. 4, Nov 2017
Longform essay

An Insight into PPP: Plenary Group
Architectural Review Asia Pacific,
Issue 152, Oct 2017 

‘Living Philosophy’ Profile
New Philosopher, Issue 14, Nov 2016

Competitions: A Conversation

Architect Victoria, 2016 Spring, Nov 2016
Discussion with Lisa Gerstman

OMA Mail-delivery of ‘After Junkspace’

Jul 2016
Self-orchestrated mass mail intervention

Emerging Conversations
Architectural Review Asia Pacific,
Issue 145, Jun 2016
Extension of original online article for magazine print

Under the Edge
Architectural Review Asia Pacific,
Issue 144, Apr 2016
Book review

On Reading & Writing Architecture: More Questions than Answers
FLOG! Publications, No. 38, May 2016

Housing The Future: Six Points
Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) Victorian Chapter, Apr 2016Illustrated article for AIA CPD event

Tower Project
FLOG! Publications, No. 14, Apr 2016Exhibition work republished as public pamphlet

After Junkspace
FLOG! Publications, No. 7, Mar 2016

The Problem of Privatisation
Architect Victoria, Feb 2016
Solicited article for ‘Future Latent’ issue

Cities of Agency
Inflection Journal, Vol. 2, Nov 2015 Longform essay


What does it mean to unbuild a wall?
Assemble Papers, June 2018
Exhibition Review

Venice 2018: De-obfuscating Architecture's Mandate
Assemble Papers, May 2018
Biennale Review, co-authored with Jana Perković

pulp 54, May 2018
Cartoon on architectural humor

“Reduce, Reuse, Abuse”
pulp 49, April 2018
Cartoon on architectural humor

pulp 39, Feb 2018
Cartoon on architectural humor

“Not even to scale”
pulp 36, Jan 2018
Cartoon on architectural humor

Entertaining Borders
Assemble Papers, Nov 2017

Feeding Singapore
Foreground, Sep 2017

Re-thinking the High-rise Life
Assemble Papers, Aug 2017

Collegiality over croissants: the 2016 Gold Medal Breakfast
ArchitectureAU, Dec 2016
Event review

Between Ruins: Athens
Assemble Papers, Aug 2016
Article & photo-essay

Mel Bright:  MAKE on Making Change
Assemble Papers, Feb 2016

Emerging Conversations
Australian Design Review, Nov 2015Interview-article

Peter Stutchbury's Gold Medal Tour Comes to Melbourne
Australian Design Review, Sep 2015 Event review

Everyday Monuments: Madrid
Assemble Papers, Aug 2015
Article & photo-essay

The Side-effects of Pro Bono Architecture
Australian Design Review, Aug 2015

Inspiration and Aspiration at the ‘People’ Student Congress
Australian Design Review, Aug 2015
Architecture & Design, Jul 2015
Conference review

A Second Look at Caixaforum
Architecture & Design, Aug 2015
Building review

Notes For New Students
Self-published guide, May 2015

denotes selected writing samples.