Assistant Professor of Architecture
Rhode Island School of Design

2019-2021 Wortham Fellow, Rice Architecture
M.S. Critical, Curatorial, and Conceptual Practices, Columbia GSAPP
Registered Australian architect, ARBV 19420
M.Arch & B.Env, University of Melbourne
Chronic cartoonist and writer
Architecture is the largest file format you know.
A building is slow information. It caches and organizes material, aesthetic, and infrastructural forces over time. It stores environmental time and material properties, it draws together labor and building systems, it absorbs legal ordinances and everyday occupation. In aggregate, the city might be seen as a real-time database layered with building types and technologies, property lines, planning decisions, and (human and non-human) stories at every scale.

My work explores architecture as media: environmental matter as information. Drawings, models, maps, diagrams, spreadsheets, and instructional formats, all slip between abstraction and material reality. Architectural media are imperfect records of worlds, unstable inventories, and double-acts of specification and speculation.

How do these worlds overlap? Who/what gets to be visible or legible, and who/what is excluded from the frame? What counter-practices and alternative knowledges exist?
Media is subjective, partial, and situated.
I am interested in how the most banal spaces, systems, and images of our built environment are already information-rich and operative in the world.

Elevating graphics over statistics, I look to make those more invisible dimensions and politics of space visible through research, design, and narrative.

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