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File of Holes
Contribution to Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx), Copenhagen, May 17, 2024 — September 27, 2024.

Article published on CAFx Journal June 10, 2024.
The File of Holes speaks of holes both physical and metaphorical, both hidden and plain — those voids representing matter and bodies out of place that make architecture as we know it possible:

holes in the ground once marked “resource-rich” (quarry, mine),
holes that perforate marble and limestone for systematic removal (drill, core);
holes that are filled back up with industrial contaminants or municipal solid waste (landfill, dump),
holes that show up as piles elsewhere (deep excavation, tailing);
holes that render high-quality lumber unusable and therefore, waste (knot, crack, chip, defect);
holes in the accounting spreadsheets and toxicity reports of corporations;
holes in the wages and physical bodies of workers in construction, demolition, and waste management, invisible figures who are continually exhausted and rendered expendable under capitalism…

Invited research contribution in the form of a folder of images, works, articles, and questions surrounding resource consumption and waste management within the construction industry.

CAFx: Commission on Circularity
An exhibition project gathering world-leading researchers, artists, curators, and designers to construct an archive exploring ways of making the material economies of architecture visible, and inviting a series of prominent Danish architects to propose new circular legislation.

All photos by CAFx.

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Waste and Work Colloquium
RISD Architecture
Providence, RI,
April 15, 2024.
Building waste and building labor are routinely devalued, externalized, and rendered invisible through the commodifying, extractive forces of the construction industry. This public colloquium troubles architecture’s thresholds of disposability and asks how workers, building “leftovers,” and collective construction may be recentered in architectural practices.

Guest Speakers:
De Peter Yi - Assistant Professor of Architecture, University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning, and founder of Rebuild Collective

Namita Vijay Dharia - Associate Professor, History, Philosophy and the Social Sciences, RISD

Cynthia Deng - Architecture Faculty, Tecnológico de Monterrey (Querétaro) and co-founder of bags

Organized by Amelyn Ng with generous support from the Design Research Seed Fund AY2023-2024. Co-moderated by Amelyn Ng, Gabriel Vergara, and Christine Giorgio. It is a sister event of the D.E.P.O.T. / Gross Domestic Practices exhibition (Fall 2023) and the WASTE/WORKS Advanced Studio (Spring 2024).

Symposium participant
DEPOT AS PRAXIS / on matter out of place Guest on Matters panel, Missing Masses symposium, Knowlton School of Architecture, Ohio State University
Columbus, OH, January 25-26, 2024.
[From the organizer:] Missing Masses invites participants to engage with the latent and absent elements of architectural discourse and practice. Drawing from Bruno Latour’s sociological exploration of the role of human and non-human actors in societal networks, the symposium poses critical questions about the previously unseen constituents of architecture and the built environment. It reflects on how these “missing masses”—be they physical, material, or spatial—participate in shaping our social and environmental constructs.

The symposium is structured around three critical dialogues:

Anthony Acciavatti
Armando Hashimoto 
Lily Wong
Curtis Roth (Moderator)

Chris Otter
Lindsey Wikstrom
Amelyn Ng 
Erik Herrmann (Moderator)

Michael Osman
Michelle Franco
Sarah Aziz
Sandhya Kochar (Moderator)

Keynote: Germane Barnes in conversation with Joseph Henry
Organized by Iman Ansari.
[Photos by Iman Ansari & Lily Wong]

Radio contribution
Dusts of Construction Recorded contribution to Sonic Dust, a KGAP 96.7FM radio issue of Materials and Applications, Los Angeles, February 2023.
Curated by Isabel Kuh.
Sawdust, brick dust, aggregate, crushed tile, decomposed granite, gypsum crumble... Dust is pure byproduct, the ultimate waste material, proliferating from cutting, sanding, transporting, and erosion of construction material. Dust is never really the focus of building, but rather, that which must be swept away.

In the audio format of a series of recipes, this "reading" of dust attends to the surplus of the surplus waste from dustbins of construction and demolition. Unconventional biomaterial dusts (eggshell, coffee grounds, excavated soil) may also be stirred into the audio. The recipe reading will be interspersed with footnotes on the material limits to growth, and sprinkles in concepts such as "gross domestic practices" and urban mining.

Conference participant
Rethinking Practice: Climate, Equity, Labor
Conference, Columbia University GSAPP, November 10, 2023.
Rethinking Practice: Climate, Equity, Labor is a one-day conference organized by Alessandro Orsini, Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia GSAPP. The symposium brings together practitioners, professors, and students to support the idea that the architect’s community sits in society like others, opposing the insular position that architecture has held for a long time.

This conference is free and open to the public.

Introduction – 9am, Wood Auditorium
Alessandro Orsini (Architensions)

Session One – 9-11 am, Wood Auditorium
Climate, Equity, Labor
Ivi Diamantopoulou (New Affiliates)
Ritchie Yao (Dash Marshall)
Nick Roseboro (Architensions)

Session Two – 11:15-1:15 pm, Wood Auditorium
Equity, Climate, Labor
Jerome Haferd (Brandt/Haferd)
Bryony Roberts (Bryony Roberts Studio)
Ashely Kuo & Andrea Chiney (A+A+A)

Session Three – 2:15-4:15 pm, Avery 114
Labor, Equity, Climate
Nicholas McDermott (Future Expansion)
Amelyn Ng (Assistant Professor of Architecture, RISD)
Can Vu Bui & Lane Rick (Office of Things)

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